An Introduction to the Positron8 and Positron16 BASIC Compilers

The Positron PIC BASIC Compilers are always being maintained and updated, and have been used by both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Both compilers produce extremely efficient assembler code, meaning complex projects can be performed on small, inexpensive, devices, as well as the larger devices. The compilers are very stable and offer a simple, yet efficient way to write code that you never believed you could write before.

The compilers are very easy to use and have powerful features, such as Strings, 32-bit and 64-bit Floating point variables, signed and unsigned integer variables, from a single bit, 8-bits, 16-bits, 24-bits and 32-bits. Full procedure support, and built in commands to do simple things like flash an LED, to more complex SPI, or I2C, or RS232 interfacing, Displaying on both graphic and alphanumeric LCDs, etc… The list goes on….. It also produces code that is extremely fast, making use of even the smallest and least expensive of the PIC microcontrollers.

The compilers also have a dedicated user forum setup by the good people who use them:

A very simple example of flashing an LED is shown below:

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