Positron PIC BASIC Compilers

This site will host source code and tutorials for the Positron8 and Positron16 PIC and PIC24 and dsPIC33 BASIC compilers, formerly known as the Proton and Proton24 compilers, showing how to do simple things like flashing LEDs, to Echo units, Graphic LCDs, and all sorts of peripheral chip interfacing.
So let’s have some fun!

The original Proton compilers can be downloaded from here:

Click here for the original Proton8 and Proton24 BASIC Compiler Trial Setup

If you are already running registered Proton compilers, the above installer will update them to the full versions and However, if the compilers are not registered, it is a Trial Setup for them. The trial version compiles fully, but supports only a few devices if no registration has been previously purchased.

The files within the installer, and the installer itself are checked for viruses and trojans before uploading, with two seperate virus testers that are constantly updated, so it will be a safe download. However, virus checkers now use a silly “best guess” mechanism that means some programs are marked as having a virus, but they do not have a virus. What the checker sees is a sequence of data values that may “look” like a previous virus used.

The compilers are regularly updated to keep them maintained and to add new items and features to them. By clicking the link below you will see a list of the additions and corrections applied to both compilers:
Additions and Corrections made to the Compilers

The compilers have a dedicated user forum setup by good hearted people. It is located here: ProtonCompilers.com
The compiler manuals can be downloaded below, although they are also installed with the compilers. Note that the manuals are updated often, and the manuals below may not be 100% up-to-date yet:

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